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Benefits of oral delivery

When you take a pill, the body metabolizes the active ingredients in the stomach or liver— this is called the first-pass metabolism.

There's a problem though. Compounds that have low-solubility (like CBD and terpines) are subject to a chemical conversion during the first-pass metabolism process that makes their effects unpredictable and inconsistent (this is whiy many people don't like edibles).

Oral strips, allow us to effectively bypass the first pass metabolism, and absorb active ingredients through your mouth—meaning the compounds are never subject to distortion in the stomach or liver— which means they will have the optimal effect.

How oral strips work


Place one strip on tongue, 
inside of cheek, or under tongue.


Let strip dissolve completely without swallowing allowing body to absorb ingredients.


Swallow and enjoy the powerful effects and functional benefits of wellness strips.

Formulated by leading scientists
Precision Engineering

Our strips are manufactured in one of the most advanced biotech facilities in the United States. Extreme attention to detail and care goes into making each strip, and every part of our supply chain is carefully scrutinized— from sourcing the highest quality ingredients to developing technology for optimal efficacy for each targeted formulation.