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Wellness Strips

Our strips encapsulate active ingredients at the molecular level to achieve greater stability, bioavailability and palatability.

Increased Bioavailability

Wellness Strips combine select excipients to increase the absorption of active ingredients into the body. By improving bioavailability, active ingredients can be used in lower quantities, reducing side effects and increasing effectiveness.

Better Consistency
and Presicion Dosing

Wellness strips allow for superior consistency in effects and precision dosing. If ingested correctly, the active ingredients bypass the digestive tract, making it one of the most effective and direct ways to enjoy the health benefits associated with phytochemicals.

Controlled Release

Every Wellness Strip formulation is custom designed to yield the most powerful and highly targeted effects. Our encapsulation technology allows us to control the release of ingredients (i.e. extended release or quick release) to better solve for consumer need.


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